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Cycling Guide

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
Have you ever been to the gym and found yourself walking around with no direction, feeling self conscious about people staring at you, and asking yourself why you’re there? If so, then just know those days will be a thing of the past! My personalized coaching is specifically designed to make you feel like I’m right next to you so that you know exactly what to do, through every step of your training. You’ll never feel lost or insecure about starting your journey ever again.

There’s no magic pill for confidence
My mission with all my clients has always been to go deeper than the surface. Any “trainer” can promise you bigger muscles or a flatter stomach but my goal is to actually change your LIFE. By the end of your program you will be jumping out of bed in the mornings with purpose, feel more confident being in public places, and live a more fulfilling life!

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“Is this really a custom plan? If so, is it customized to my current weight and goals?”

Yes it is! you will be working directly with me on achieving your goals. Your meal plan, workouts, and lifestyle regimen is personally designed by me, for you!

“If I have restrictions in my schedule, can any adjustments be made to either the workout routines or the meal plan?”

While embarking on this journey is going to require some sacrifice, adjustments and changes can be made. Once you receive your program, you will be able to get in contact with me regarding any questions or concerns about the program.

“How can I get in contact with you if I need any help?”

Myself and my small team offer 24/7 support for all clients via email. We also have a client support community with over 1000 members that you will receive an invite to as a part of your program. You will not only be able reach me personally, but you will also connect with others that are on their journey as well!

“What if I have specific dietary needs?”

We currently have Vegan meal plans, Vegetarian meal plans, and Pescatarian options, in addition to our traditional diets. Each one of these are available for men and women; for either weight-loss, bulking, or shredding. If you have any allergies, that will also be taken into account when designing your meal plan.

“I do not have much workout experience and I do not always know what certain exercises are, or how to keep track of my workouts. Do you offer instruction on that as well?”

Each plan is designed to start simple and progressively become more and more challenging as your fitness levels improve. The plan also comes with a full description of terms, exercises, explanations, meanings, and instructions as well.

“There are several areas where I feel very weak when I go to the gym, and there are certain exercises that I cannot do because I don’t have the strength to do it. Is program accommodating to my situation?”

Each workout program is designed to start simple and become more challenging and more complex as you go along. The idea is to make sure you not only get the results that you want, but improve on your weaker areas. If you have questions or concerns during your plan, you can always reach out to me!

"Once I complete the first 12 weeks, do you offer additional coaching?”

Once you have completed phase 1 of your 12-week transformation, you will be ready to begin phases 2 & 3 . You will be so satisfied with your new way of living, looking, and feeling that you will not want to go back to your old life. Let’s get to work and let’s change your life!

“What if I don’t know how to properly cook my meals? As in how much do I use of each food group?”

Each plan comes with instructions on how to properly portion each meal and each component of the meal. If you need further guidance we offer support via e-mail and also offer various E-books with delicious, simple, and healthy meals to make at home.